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Learn Step by Step Approach To

Transform Your Ideas into Profitable Digital Products and Services in just 60 days

Invest 6-8 hours weekly to build another income stream And start your revolutionary journey to become a powerhouse, even as a full-time professional.

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How to Start

Get 100% clarity to Start Your Online Business in just 60 days.

What to Sell

Get clarity on products you may wish to create for your online business.

How to Find Customers

Explore all the steps involved to find customers for your products.

How To Sell

Learn the Strategies to create a powerful offer to sell your products fast.

Start With Zero Investment

Learn how you can actually start your online business with zero investment.

Q & A

Clear all your doubts about starting a profitable online business.

Hear what a few of our attendees had to say

Free For A Limited Time. Actual Price Rs. 999/-

Starting a business is hard, especially when you are a full-time employee. We make it super easy, less stressful, more predictable and full of fun.
“Your business is our dream and if you believe you can then we can make this happen.”

Dear Professionals/Leaders,

You mostly have been in a job for the last 5, 10 or 15 years and you don’t feel any excitement living your routine life.

You are tired of thinking about which investment can give you more returns and how you can save a few thousand from taxes.

You feel getting an increment of a few lakhs every year is not taking you anywhere.

You feel bad about yourself that you still have so much of loans to repay and anytime when you plan to purchase something new that costs a few lakhs, again you need to look for loans.

You want to earn better and a few of you must have tried a business in past which failed or must have invested in shares which did not work.

You find no way to earn better except changing your current job and finding a more high-paying job but you feel scared of losing the stability you have with your current job.

After spending almost half-life in a job, you still do not feel financially safe and always worry about your retirement life without a job.

If you feel you are capable enough but unable to make the life of your dreams then we have good news for you.

You can start a journey that will allow you to explore yourself, give you back control of your life, allow you to be your own boss, and make you financially independent.

Choose your own adventure and don’t give control of your life’s steering wheel into someone else hand.

Free For A Limited Time. Actual Price Rs. 999/-

No Money To Start

Low Time investment

Use Your Existing Skills

Work with existing job

know your mentor

Deepak Chaurasia

Free For A Limited Time. Actual Price Rs. 999/-

Start 10x faster, better and smarter
Skip the guesswork, trial-and-error and trying to figure everything out by yourself. Save yourself from multiple failures, frustrations and money-killing activities. Instead, start your business in just 60 days with proven steps.

Free For A Limited Time. Actual Price Rs. 999/-

Frequently Asked Questions

How much investment is required to start my online business?

You need minimal investment to start an online business compared to an offline one.

Do I need to know coding to start and run my online business?

You need zero coding skills to start your online business. It can be done by anyone willing to use their existing skills to build their business.

Can I learn how to teach online with this workshop?

You will learn all the techniques required to start delivering your skill-based online business.

How can I be well prepared for this workshop?

Have a pen and paper to make lots of notes as you will not be getting recordings of this workshop. Also, be away from any kind of distractions with an open mind to learn.

Will I be able to get the answer to my queries during the workshop?

We will take up all your queries once we are done with the workshop. So make notes for all your queries for the dedicated Q&A we will have post-workshop.

Why should I even bother to start a business?

Human nature is progressive and when we become redundant due to daily routine tasks and unable to find a way to use our creativity, we start feeling low and out of purpose. Business is not always about just money but you find a way to tell the world who you are as a person and how capable you are. You are born to do more.